July 8th, 2013

Ramblings: My Real-Life Monday

Mondays seem to get a bad rap, but I have to confess that Mondays as a pastor’s wife are often recovery days from a very busy weekend, especially with all the church activities.

While on the other side of the screen it may look like I have everything together and my pantry and coupons are super-organized, I can tell you that, on this side of the screen, things are much different.

  • Finding smoke coming out of the toaster this morning. (Easily fixed by emptying and cleaning out all the gunk inside, thankfully!)
  • Discovering that the laptop I’m borrowing, since mine is in the shop for repairs, will NOT print coupons to my printer (gasp!)
  • Shopping for groceries last night around 10 pm and not having time to sort my coupons first (although I did have some digital ones loaded)
  • Trying to make menu plans around the fact that my oven hasn’t worked since July 4, and the part we ordered is supposed to be coming in sometime this week.  Using only the stovetop, microwave, and griddle for meals has been a challenge!
  • Dealing with an unexpected meltdown of one of my children, and guiding her through the crisis
  • Trying to encourage a husband who is greatly in need of it for many reasons

One of the things I’m enjoying right now in my quiet time is the book The Red Sea Rules: The Same God Who Led You in Will Lead You Out. Powerful stuff!

And just what I needed for a day like today!



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